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If you are in need of a limo in Jersey City for an upcoming party or celebration, you may have some questions about the rental itself, how it works, or what to expect. This is common and the team at Jersey City Limo hears from customers all day about their queries and concerns. Below, we have provided you with information about our limos in Jersey City and what to expect. You will also find some of our FAQs too. These questions are ones that we hear often and we believe they are important to answer, so that you can be prepared for your limousine. Should you take a look at the FAQs below and not find the answer you need, we ask that you please call us at (201) 685-8388.

When should I make my Jersey City limo reservation?

It is important for you to make your limo reservation as early as possible. We have a full schedule and if you want the best selection to choose from, you should schedule once you are ready to. If you happen to need to schedule your reservation late, we can accept it, but you may find that your options are limited.

Is alcohol allowed in the limo?

Yes. Alcohol is allowed inside of our Jersey City limos, but you should note that we do NOT provide you with the alcohol. You will need to provide your own and all passengers in the vehicle must be 21 years of age or older. We do recommend that you bring drinks that are ready to consume, as it is hard to mix and pour liquid while the limo is in motion.

We do offer you a bar that is stocked with glasses, tools for mixing, and ice. You can use these at your discretion.

Will I be billed for wait times?

When you rent one of our limos, wait time is included in the price. We do assume some wait times and if you go over the estimated times, you will then be billed for any overage. Typically, overage is billed in increments of 30 minutes.

What types of limousines do you have for me to choose from?

We have one of the largest selections of limos to choose from in Jersey City. Our fleet is packed full of sedans, SUVs, stretch limos, and more. We can accommodate any number of passengers too. We also offer luxury limo options including Hummers, exotic models, and vintage limos.

Can I see inside the limo before I reserve it?

Yes. We welcome you to come to our lot to take a look inside of our limos before you choose one. This way, you can make sure that you are happy with your selection.

How will I know how much the limo will cost me to rent?

We will provide you with a detailed invoice and this invoice will include all of the costs of the services. The only additional costs you will incur will be if you happen to go over the allotted times.Call: (201) 685-8388

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